All clients must have a patch test 48 hours before any tinting or eyelash extension procedure.
Blush Beauty Studios
Brow Tint €10.00

Patch test required

Henna Brows 1st Treatment €35.00

patch test required

Lash Tint €15.00

Patch Test required.

Brow Tint & Shape €15.00

Brows are tinted and either waxed or tweezed into shape. Patch Test required

Lash tint and brow shape €20.00

Lashes are tinted and brows waxed or tweezed into shape. Patch test required.

Lash & Brow Tint & Shape €25.00

Lash and brows are tinted, brows are then waxed or tweezed into shape. Patch test required.

YUMMI Lash Lift €50.00

Lashes are lifted and curled. Ideal for clients that have straight lashes, short lashes that close the eye for for clients that do not like lash extensions. Patch test required. Lash tint can be added on.

Henna Brows 1st Treatment €45.00

Patch test required. Mina Henna brows will tint the hair for up to 6 weeks. After discussing your expectations the brows are measured and shaped by our brow specialist. Your regrowth plan will be discussed after treatment. Rebooking withing 6 weeks.

YUMMI Lash lift & Tint €60.00

Lashes are curled and lifted. Ideal for clients with straight lashes, clients that do not like lash extensions lashes are also tinted during the process. Patch test is required.

Henna Brow rebooking within 6 weeks only €30.00

This is for rebookings only. You must have had your henna done in salon within 6 weeks. If it has been longer or your first app you must pick the 1 appointment for timing and reshaping brows